Relationship Counselling is available to anyone who is worried about or wants to gain greater understanding of their adult relationships.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to come for counselling. You can come if you’re single, in a civil partnership, married, living with someone, separated, divorced, widowed or if you are having problems finding or keeping a relationship.

No issue is too great or too small to explore in counselling.

“Clients who are nurtured within a non judgemental relationship learn not to pass judgement upon themselves. Within this relationship they find the courages and strength to change.”

Jan Sutton & William Stewart




The counselling process usually takes place over several sessions. Sometimes both partners will be present, however, some sessions may take place with just one person.

Whatever the session the counselling will take place in a safe supportive setting free from distractions. Everything discussed in a session is held in confidence.

Key to successful counselling is the relationship between the clients and the counsellor. I will ensure you have the time and space to talk through your issues knowing you will be supported and not judged or labelled.

Counselling is about change. Having participated in counselling clients are able to view their situation from a different perspective, find their own solutions to their problems, let go of painful secrets and develop their full potential


The Counselling Process:



All counselling interventions begin with an assessment.

From the outset my aim is to create a safe, confidential inviting environment in which you can explain what is happening for you with out fear of judgement or blame.



The first session is different to subsequent sessions. I will collect some necessary information from you and aim to establish a high level understanding of the issues that have caused you to consider counselling.

In this session you will be able to describe what ever it is that is troubling you and begin to think about what is you want from the counselling process.



Together we will begin to form a relationship. And will agree how we will work together. For example, the duration of the counselling work and the terms of engagement. How we will manage cancellations etc.

This is called the counselling contract.


If I feel I am not the best placed person to support you I will suggest other organisations or counsellors and sign post you around the system.



For many people the counselling process is challenging but hugely rewarding. Many people describe being able to achieve their potential and experience more fulfilling relationships.


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“We are not independent but interdependent